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         Vietnam is on track to develop its economy at an incredible speed. The transformation of a country has always been accompanied by an increasing demand for infrastructure construction and urban embellishment. In the field of infrastructure development, the issues of construction quality, construction progress, and technology are requisite to achieve high investment efficiency and safety. Moreover, in recent years, requirements have been set out for the construction sector including solutions to noise and vibration attenuation – which has long been the problem of pollution in construction sites, ability to extend service life of structures, and countermeasures against natural disasters such as floods and landslides, etc. These requirements have become increasingly urgent; therefore, advanced technologies are needed to solve the problems of infrastructure construction in Vietnam.

         Over the past 100 years of operating in the construction industry in Japan, we have gained extensive experience in constructing bridges, ports, industrial factories, commercial buildings such as hotels, offices, shops, hospitals, and schools, etc.

Along with “Press-In Technology”, which is a piling solution applied to all types of sites, we desire to bring construction methods with Japanese quality to Vietnam and believe that the methods will become indispensable in Vietnam in the new period.



                                                                                                                                                 Hashimoto Kazunori